Bee Runner is an endless tunnel runner game, where a plant is chasing a bee. You are the plant and you try and catch up to the bee. If you fail the bee will make it to its hive, which you don't want. There are traps such as spikes, that if you hit, you slow down for a second, letting the bee get farther ahead.

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A note from LazerKiwiStudios:

Hi, all Bee Runner fans! It's Lazer Kiwi Studios! Bee Runner is the game that won People's Choice and Art and Assets awards in the Oregon Game Project Challenge (OGPC) competition. It was the only Middle School 3D game and the only Middle School game to win two awards!

Shoutout to the game Astrolabe, who was our main supporter in helping us win the People's Choice award. They were also the only High School game to win two awards. They will be putting their awesome game on soon; we will put a link in the comments to their game when it is posted. Thank you so much, Astrolabe!

Anyways, on behalf of the whole Lazer Kiwi Studios, we present you Bee Runner, free for download or to play through the Unity WebGL link. Let us know what you think! Should we make more levels? Should we publish it on Steam or similar? What should we make better? Thank you for your feedback.

Lazer Kiwi Studios

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity, Blender
Tagsbee, Runner, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download the .ZIP, extract the folder, execute 'TunnelRunner.exe'. Peruse our source code!


Download 5 kB
Download 29 MB

Development log


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